Rate Limits

Rate Limits

API rate limits are implemented to control and manage the usage of an API by limiting the number of requests a client can make within a specific time frame. This documentation provides information about the rate limit for the API and outlines the guidelines for developers to ensure efficient and fair usage.

The rate limit for the API is defined as a maximum of 600 calls per minute. This means that a client can make up to 600 API calls within a rolling 1-minute window. Exceeding this limit will result in rate limiting being applied to subsequent requests.

Rate Limit Headers

To provide visibility into the rate limit status, the API response will include rate limit headers. These headers can be inspected by the client application to determine the rate limit remaining and the time until the limit resets.

The following rate limit headers are included in the API response:

  • RateLimit-Limit: Specifies the total number of requests allowed per minute
  • RateLimit-Remaining: Indicates the number of requests remaining in the current rate limit window
  • RateLimit-Reset: Specifies the seconds at which the rate limit window resets